Edremit olive oil has anti-cancer properties

A study conducted on olive oil products in Edremit district of Balıkesir province, revealed that oleocanthal agent in these products has anti-cancer, anti-rheumatic and anti-Alzheimer's properties.

Edremit olive oil has anti-cancer properties


A team led by Prof. Dr. Gülendam Tümen, the head of Biology Department of Balıkesir University, began scientific research on oil olive products in Edremit district. The work has produced highly positive results, and that oleocanthal shows potential as a therapeutic agent against cancer, rheumatic diseases and Alzheimer's disease, it was said.

Prof. Dr. Gülendam Tümen said the study also revealed that oleocanthal is capable of killing cancer cells in 30 minutes, adding "As the research progressed, we found that it can also reduce the accumulation of certain proteins involved in Alzheimer's disease."

Olive oil products in Edremit region are known to contain high amounts of oleocanthal agent.