Review of Foreign Media 01.04.2015

Here's a look at news around the world:

Review of Foreign Media 01.04.2015

Reuters news agency said that U.S. President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had a telephone conversation.
The White House said in a statement that President Obama and President Erdoğan took up issues that urgently need to be resolved in the Middle East including Yemen crisis.
The White House statement also said that President Obama and President Erdoğan assessed cooperation in fight against Daesh militants and joint efforts for the establishment of security and stability in Iraq and Syria.

Italian news agency ANSAmed quoted Turkish European Union Minister and Chief negotiator Volkan Bozkır as saying in Rome that if Brussels says no it will lose.
Speaking at a meeting organized by the Institute of International Affairs in Rome, Bozkır reminded that Ankara’s membership story of European agreements dates back 50 years.
“Ankara has been patient and tolerant up until today,” Bozkır said.
Bozkır also said that many issues have been resolved but the path to the EU is still uphill, noting that Turkey has done its bit.

Danish newspaper Nudem quoted Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç who attended the inauguration of the Great Synagogue in Edirne as saying that although there are problems in relations with Israel, Jews are Turkey’s inseparable elements, therefore, contributing to the revival of the Synagogue in Edirne is a source of pride for AKP.
Arınç also invited Jews to Turkey.
“If you want to live in Turkey, you should know that 78 million Turkish people are ready to embrace you,” Arınç said.
Arınç’s statement reflects the current AKP government’s great project and vision.
According to different sources, the Great Synagogue in Edirne is the biggest synagogue in Europe and one of the few synagogues in the world.

U.S. newspaper Defense News said that a private Turkish company producing engines has signed a 190 million Euro contract with the government to design engines for Turkey’s new generation “Altay” tank.
The project includes local design, development, prototype manufacturing, engine test and certification.
The project is planned to be completed in 54 months and possibilities in the country will be made use of to the maximum.

The Washington Post said that Derinkuyu is the most striking underground city among the ones in Cappadocia region in Turkey.
However, no matter how charming Derinkuyu is, another underground city recently discovered in a hill, can overshadow Derinkuyu and this city has been discovered accidentally.
A report in National Geographic said that geophysicists at Nevşehir University determined that the city is 110 meters below the ground surface covering an area of about 450 acres.
The size of the city is not exactly known but it is believed that it can accommodate 20 thousand people. The city is accepted as one of the treasures of Turkey’s marvelous archaeological sites.