Petraeus sentenced for military leak

Former CIA Head David Petraeus has been sentenced to two-years of probation, and 100.000 USD fine.

Petraeus sentenced for military leak

Petraeus was found guilty of leaking classified information on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was also fined with 100 thousand USD.

Retired four-star general Petraeus, who was the commander of the US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan was picked as the CIA head in 2011, but had to resign from the agency in 2012 after his extramarital affair was made public

His journalist mistress and biographer, Paula Broad well used classified names, notes, was strategies applied during the Iraqi and Afghan wars as a background in her book telling the life story of Petraeus.

After it was realized, an investigation was started on the book and its writer Paula Broadwell’s house and personal computer, revealing many classified documents.

Despite the proportion Petraeus will be allowed to travel internationally, he will not be subjected to drug testing or firearm restrictions.